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Outdoor Activities in Bagan

There are some good outdoor options in Bagan, ranging from calm activities like bird watching, to the frenzy of cock fighting and the bizarre spectacle of gonnyin. Chinglone is the national game and is played all over the country in any suitable open space.

Bird Watching
Bagan is a good destination for budding ornithologists with some excellent bird watching in the nearby Chin Hills. If you have enough time on your trip, a side trip to check out the local birdlife is worth taking and is easy to organise on arrival in Bagan.

If you get the chance to watch chinglone, the national game, being played, it’s a great opportunity to see the locals in action. Chinglone is similar to takraw in Thailand, with the object of the game to keep a cane ball in the air using only your knees and feet. There are six players in a team and you’ll find people playing in any available space in the city at the end of the day. If you want to watch an official competition, then your hotel should be able to assist you.

Cockfighting is a popular sport in Myanmar, and depending on your views on this sort of animal sport you’ll either run a mile or be intrigued to find out more. There are numerous events held around the country. If you ask at your hotel for more information, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

There is a fantastic 18-hole golf course located about five minutes drive from Old Bagan, where you can play golf in view of the temples and pagodas. Early morning is the best time to play, as the afternoons can get very hot.  .

Gonnyin is a traditional sport that is well worth watching if you get the chance. This bizarre game sees contestants hurl fruit stones at a pole, hoping to knock off a target. Another variation of this game has a contestant climbing a greased bamboo pole in an attempt to take a prize from the top; while he’s doing this other people try to knock him or the prize off.
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