Shopping in Bagan

Shopping in Bagan is a wonderful experience for all. Bagan is a good place to satiate your shopping spree. Shopping in Bagan offers a great many attractions to all locals and tourists alike. The local market of Nyaung U is one of the most favored markets of the city. It is located on the right side of the main road. The market sells things that one require in their daily life. You can buy fresh fish, chicken feet and vegetables of varied types. The market is one of the ideal place to buy handicrafts and the bagan t-shirt.

Lacquerware is one of the significant traditional crafts of the country. Most of the Lacquerware are made in the city of Bagan itself. There are many shops selling these artworks. Prices are reasonable and the quality offered is the best. Shwe War Thein Handicrafts Shop Antique shop sells many exquisite items. It is one of the best places to buy wooden ornaments, puppets and old gems. Golden Cuckoo that sells quality lacquer ware is one of the most favored places for shoppers. It is one of the most important stores known for its local art and craft.

There are many shops and stores located outside the different temples of the city. There are shops selling crafts and clothes. But shoppers should not forget to haggle as the prices asked are usually more. Some of the notable shops in the city are Ever Stand Lacquerware Work Shop, Golden Cucko Lacquerware Work Shop and Shwe Wah Thein. Some other shops located in the city are U Ba Nyein Lacquerware Work Shop, Tun Handicrafted Lacquerware and Chan Thar Lacquerware Work Shop.

Tourists also love to buy paintings and portrays of varied types. There are many shops in the city that sell these paintings. Some of the most famous shops are located outside the varied temples of the city. There are two types of paintings. While one is the ordinary painting made of acrylic the other one is the paint made of sand. It can be painting of anything like temple, monks or Buddha. Shopping in Bagan is a wonderful experience for all.
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