Sightseeing in Bagan

Sightseeing in Bagan helps one to see the varied places of attraction of the city. Bagan is an old city renowned for its ancient sites. Sightseeing in Bagan is a major attraction fir locals and tourists alike.

There are many sites of interest in the city. The Dhammavijjalaya Centre for Buddhist Studies is one of the ideal places of visit. The Thatbyinnyu Temple is one of the significant monuments in Bagan. One can marvel at the beauty of the shrine and at the same time wonder at the massive size of the temple that makes it one of the most significant places of attraction. The temple houses a huge image of the Buddha. The terraces of the Temple offer an excellent view of Bagan.

Shwesandaw Pagoda built by King Anawrahta has 5 terraces. The pagoda houses a huge size bell that is placed on the top of the temple. Another notable site that is worth seeing is the Shwegugyi Pagoda. It was built in A.D 1131 by King Alaung Sithu. This pagoda is located in close proximity to the entrance of the Royal Palace. It is a great masonry work that is visited by all. The design of the monument is such that it allows enough light and air to enter. The Pahtothamya Temple which is one of the few temples was supposedly built by King Taungthugyi. Located close to this attraction are Nathlaung Kyaung and Ngakywenadaung Paya. Nathlaung Kyaung was built to worship Vishnu, Brahman and many other Hindu gods.

Myoe Daung Kyaung is a beautiful architectural piece. Most of the important elements housed here belong to the pre-colonial Kon-baung period. There are two monasteries, numerous pavilions, some rest houses and a few ancillary buildings located within its premises.
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