Bagan has a typically tropical climate and as a rule it’s relatively hot and dry throughout the year. The summer (March to May) can be seriously hot, with the temperature rising to 43°C in the day and only falling to the mid 20s (°C) at night.

Humidity is not too high however, making it more comfortable than other places in Asia; relative humidity rarely gets above 50 per cent.

The winter runs from November to February and while temperatures are cooler, it’s not winter as many people know it. Typically, daytimes in winter see temperatures of around 30°C and night-times of 10°C. Relative humidity is low and as in the summer, there is little or no rainfall.

Outside of winter and summer, there is often heavy rainfall in Bagan. The monsoon runs from June to October and peak rainfall is generally at the beginning and end of this period. The temperature tends to hit the mid 30s (°C) in the daytime and the mid 20s (°C) at night, making this perhaps the least comfortable time to visit.

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