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Go bird watching in the Chin Hills

Kanpetlet is, for me, the most beautiful town in the whole Chin Hills. It is also a tourist attraction, the only tourist attract in Chin state, apart from nearby Mindat, although the yearly visitor is probably less than 100. There is the famous Mount Victoria with Natmataung (Khawnuthom) National Park which is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Myanmar.

There are currently two guest houses in Kanpetlet. They are actually small resorts located in a beautiful location high on the mountain and deep in the forest (more correctly a jungle). Both of them are located a few miles away from Kanpetlet town, and on higher ground that the town. They are also just a few miles away from the base of the Mount Victoria.

The first one, Mountain Oasis Resort, is a collection of a few bungalows. Each bungalow has either two or four beds with attached bathroom. Currently, there are now about 10 bungalows. There is also a restaurant which serves nice Burmese, Chinese and European food. Breakfast is included with the room fees. For lunch and dinner, you can order half day in advanced. Electricity is provided by generator at night until 10 PM. No hot water is provided for shower. Room rate is currently at US$ 20 per person (not per room).

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Another one is Pine Tree Resort. It is a brick building with twin bed rooms and attached bath room. No hot water shower is provided. There is a small restaurant at the guest house but I never tried this one. Breakfast with included with the room fees of US$ 20 per person. Electricity is also provided at night time with generator.

Both of them are nice, clean and cozy. Staffs are friendly and helpful. Scenery is also very beautiful and location is also good, easy to reach both the town and the Mount Victoria in a few minutes. The only point that is missing here is the heater or warm water. It will be very nice to have a warm shower when the temperature is freezing cold and you are very tired, dusty and dirty from your travel.
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